My Work
  1. Rose Table
    Rose Table
    Wrought iron rose bush on hand-carved Indiana limestone base.
  2. Candle Holder
    Candle Holder
    Candle holder featuring a rock suspended within the base. Candle holders available in many styles and sizes.
  3. Wrought Iron Bird
    Wrought Iron Bird
    A delicate balance of positive and negative space.
  4. Hinge
    Hinges available in many styles and sizes.
  5. Sunflower Door Knocker
    Sunflower Door Knocker
    Celtic style back plate in a natural steel finish.
  6. Wood & Wrought Iron Coffee Table
    Wood & Wrought Iron Coffee Table
    30+ year old wood slab with an Art Deco base. Coffee tables available in many styles and sizes.
  7. Nature's Gates
    Nature's Gates
    Ivy leaves and small birds are seen from both sides of the gates. Gates available in many styles and sizes.
  8. Vidal Grape Lantern
    Vidal Grape Lantern
    Beautiful on a patio. Lanterns available in all leaf styles.
  9. Last Look Mirror
    Last Look Mirror
    In a pewter finish, this mirror adds style to any foyer or powder room. Mirrors available in different styles.
  10. Heart Knot
    Heart Knot
    Can be used to hold a 4 x 6 photo.
  11. Wrought Iron Rose
    Wrought Iron Rose
    A time honored expression of blacksmiths.
  12. Pot Rack
    Pot Rack
    Pot racks available in many styles and sizes.
  13. Garden Table and Chairs Set
    Garden Table and Chairs Set
    Wrought iron garden set featuring Italian tiles and repousse lemons.
  14. Pine Tuft Lamp
    Pine Tuft Lamp
    Lamps available in many styles and sizes.
  15. Oak Leaf Coffee Table
    Oak Leaf Coffee Table
    Adorned with oak leaves, acorns and birds in an antique bronze finish.
  16. Orchid
    Illustrating the delicacy of metal.
  17. Grapevine Mirror
    Grapevine Mirror
    Mirrors available with many types of embellishments.
  18. Baker's Rack
    Baker's Rack
    Indoor / outdoor piece in the French Country style. Available in many styles and sizes.
  19. Kitchen Table and Stools
    Kitchen Table and Stools
    Wood and wrought iron pub table with stools. Tables and stools available in many styles.
  20. Tree of Life
    Tree of Life
    Beautiful on its own; magnificent framed!
  21. Hardware
    21" ornate door hardware for a stainless steel fridge / freezer. Hardware available in many styles and sizes.
  22. Candelabra
    Elegant on a dining room table or grand piano!
  23. Sign Hanger
    Sign Hanger
    Decorative hangers for all types of signage: commercial and residential.
  24. Interior Gate
    Interior Gate
    Displaying the Eye of Horus. Made to order or custom designs available.
  25. Romance Foyer Table
    Romance Foyer Table
    Features hand-forged rose and leaves, granite top with a raw edge and a French leg. Foyer tables available in many styles.
  26. Seagull Vase Stand
    Seagull Vase Stand
    Ideal for displaying one-of-a-kind pieces. Features French legs and a natural finish.
  27. Woodland Paradise Occasional Table
    Woodland Paradise Occasional Table
    This conversation piece features hand-forged birds, acorns and a foliage of oak leaves.
  28. Floating Occasional Table
    Floating Occasional Table
    Constructed so that it looks like the top is floating. Occasional tables available in many styles.
  29. Bird Lamp
    Bird Lamp
    One is whimsical; a pair makes perfect bedside or sofa lamps. Available in any finish.
  30. Mid-century Modern Floor Lamp
    Mid-century Modern Floor Lamp
    Antique lampshade sits atop a brushed steel base. LED tape provides an array of colors for any kind of mood.
  31. Prickly Pear Cactus Coffee Table
    Prickly Pear Cactus Coffee Table
    This Southwestern design features prickly pear cacti on a limestone base with three adjustable feet.
  32. Bottle Tree
    Bottle Tree
    A popular sight in the Carolinas, this bottle tree adds interest to any garden. Yard art available in any style imaginable.
  33. Multi-headed Sunflower
    Multi-headed Sunflower
    A six-headed sunflower with bee. Different kinds of flowers available.
  34. Tree-form Railing
    Tree-form Railing
    This three-dimensional tree-form railing has a textured finish mimicking bark. Railings available in many styles.
  35. Two Rose Door Insert
    Two Rose Door Insert
    A beautiful design for your front door. Inserts available in many styles and sizes.
  36. Voluted Railing
    Voluted Railing
    This detailed voluted railing provides two welcoming arms for your visitors. Custom built designs available.
  37. Floating Wine Racks
    Floating Wine Racks
    These racks are custom designed to make the bottles appear as if they are floating. Wine racks available for any size cellar.
  38. Hinges & Handles
    Hinges & Handles
    Each door is held up by decorative hinges with a 600lb capability. The 8" ring handles are twisted left and right to provide symmetry.
  39. Ivy Leaf Gates
    Ivy Leaf Gates
    A grand entrance to a pool, garden or back yard. Gates available in many styles and sizes.
  40. Dogwood Bed
    Dogwood Bed
    This custom built bed is an elegant statement in any bedroom. Beds available in many styles.
  41. The Slide
    The Slide
    A stylish post-modern lamp with LED tape lighting that has 17 colors and 4 mood settings all on a remote control. Hours of fun!
  42. Rose Pin
    Rose Pin
    A lightweight rose for your favorite tweed jacket. It will definitely get noticed!
  43. Wood Rack
    Wood Rack
    This rack not only looks good, but holds a lot of wood for those cold winter nights. Wood racks available in many styles and sizes.
  44. Fused Glass Occasional Table
    Fused Glass Occasional Table
    This occasional table with a French leg and finial ball has a lighted LED top to accentuate the gorgeous fused glass top.
  45. Swag Ceiling Light
    Swag Ceiling Light
    Take one antique lampshade and add some hand-forged iron to get one cool swag light.
  46. Dragonfly Harvest Table
    Dragonfly Harvest Table
    This 10' harvest table features repousse dragonflies on each end and a rustic wood top. Dining tables available in many sizes and styles.
  47. Foyer Railing
    Foyer Railing
    Traditionally hammered bars offset the fully rolled end, topped with a faux finish antiqued cap rail.
  48. Stair Rail
    Stair Rail
    This modern stair rail features a raw oversize post and a fully rolled end in a faux rust finish.